Eugenics and Science


Eugenics is on the rise as can be seen in the above graph. Eugenics, the attempt at regulating or controlling the breeding of humans, is a taboo subject partly due to its association with Nazis. But in reducing humanity to purely scientific problems and solutions, I think, something geeat is lost.

And this sort of cold, materialistic, ordinary view of human beingness is a major problem for science. If scientists want public acceptance of their ideas and theories then it must start with building trust. Treating people as robots or gobs of atoms will gurantee distrust of science. Mistrust makes education difficult.

The problem of science education is not religious fundamentalists’ propaganda. Apart from dreadful p.r., science communities do an aweful job of arguing in favor of their explanations. ‘Trust the experts’ is an antiquated approach to education and more importantly will fail in the modern internet infused world. If a scientific theory cannot convince the lay person then it will fail.


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