Eugenics and Science



Eugenics is on the rise as can be seen in the above graph. Eugenics, the attempt at regulating or controlling the breeding of humans, is a taboo subject partly due to its association with Nazis. But in reducing humanity to purely scientific problems and solutions, I think, something geeat is lost.

And this sort of cold, materialistic, ordinary view of human beingness is a major problem for science. If scientists want public acceptance of their ideas and theories then it must start with building trust. Treating people as robots or gobs of atoms will gurantee distrust of science. Mistrust makes education difficult.

The problem of science education is not religious fundamentalists’ propaganda. Apart from dreadful p.r., science communities do an aweful job of arguing in favor of their explanations. ‘Trust the experts’ is an antiquated approach to education and more importantly will fail in the modern internet infused world. If a scientific theory cannot convince the lay person then it will fail.


Big Boy Restaraunt: False Advertising

This picture is from a Big Boy Restaraunt menu in southern Michigan.


The individual(s) that decided to make this claim must be out of their gourds. I understand that Big Boy’s marketing department is compelled to present their products in the best possible light, highlighting strengths not weaknesses. I want to see the V.P. of marketing say, with a straight face, that their cheeseburger is the best in the world.

This is a terrible blunder by Big Boy.

Gay Marriage?

Hot button issues are best analyzed alone in a space void of all visual and audible distractions. Complete darkness is preferable, however a candlelight or nightlight is permissible. Television, radios, iPods, fans and all other potential noises makers should be turned off. While these suggestions likely seem amenable, sensical, and doable to us, there are formidable challenges to consider if objectivity is desired. 20130306-071437.jpg

With the issue of gay marriage, the sinister nemesis is tradition. There is nothing inherently wrong with tradition. Many of the dos and don’ts we learn and accept without much thought are still beneficial to our well beings, like washing our hands after defecating or avoiding eye contact with a pit bull. But in this ever changing world our needs, wants, abilities, values, etc etc also change. Like it or not, evolution is a fact and closing our eyes, and wishing for auntie Em to take us back home is futile.

Our knowledge grows larger and deeper every day. We know humans can be very different. Skin color varies within the human population –as does sexual desire, metabolism, intelligence, and sexual orientation. Mental retardation is due to brain defects not demonic possession. Dwarfs are humans that got unlucky genetic mutations. Certainly some differences in values and actions that then result are unacceptable because they are anathema to a functioning, equitable, flourishing society. Murder and rape is wrong, virtual consensus. But how can the idea of gay marriage possibly be harmful?

The answers provided by opponents of gay marriage are typically grounded in reverences for traditions, institutions, and religious beliefs. Sure gay marriage is against a particular god’s desires, but is also inline with god’s wishes according to another religion. The institution of marriage is simply a product of currently accepted customs and practices. To those that view change to the institution of marriage as harmful, cogitate on this question: why is the once revered institution of slavery no longer revered? Progress. Progress toward a better quality of life for all, thus appreciating the diversity of interests and behaviors of others. And enshrining institutions stifles such progress.

Legalizing gay marriage is promoting deviant sexual behavior as much as granting citizenship to transvestites promotes dressing in clothes normally worn by the opposite sex. Marriage encourages lifelong bonds of kinship between human beings. Gay people are full fledge human beings, not 3/5.

Interpretations of laws: should care not. Law should never trump human equity. This is about right and wrong and of course that appeals to mere opinion. Is it your opinion that people that are gay are indeed human?